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It’s 2024. We all know how challenging it is to find an honest company who isn’t going to try and sell you what you don’t need to maximize their margins. You need a company who will get to the root of the issue, propose an accurate solution at a reasonable price, and provide unwavering confidence in the outcome throughout the entire process. 

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With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing you with the most trustworthy and professional service you can experience.

Same-Day Completion

Often we are able to complete the project the same day without having to go back.

Comprehensive Sliding Door Services and Specializations

At Slides Rite Sliding Door Repair we are committed to meeting your needs with a wide variety of services and the highest quality materials. While our team has over 30 years experience in the sliding door repair industry, we also specialize in Pet Door Installation, Pocket Door Repair, Interior and Exterior Doors, Closet Doors and Accordion Doors. 

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Our trained technicians and mobile service makes repairing your sliding doors and windows quick and easy. Our extensive mobile hardware inventory of manufacturer’s replacement parts allows us to complete most repairs with only one trip to your home.  We have a large selection of rollers on hand to fit almost any door. 

Our roller replacement package includes cleaning the track, replacement of the sliding glass door rollers, realigning the panels, and adjusting locks so that the door rolls smoothly and locks securely.  We'll even clean the glass. In many cases the bottom track has become damaged; we have solutions for that, too. 

When bottom tracks become damaged or dented it's usually due to prolonged use with worn out rollers. It can also be the result of using the wrong type of roller on the rolling panel. We can fix this by installing a stainless steel track cap over top of the damaged bead, proving a smooth, dent-free, damage-resistant surface for the rollers to roll on. Think of it as putting a crown on a damaged tooth.

If the track bead (the part of the bottom track that the rollers roll on) is damaged beyond repair, replacement of the entire bottom track is one of the only options. When we do a complete track replacement, we remove the door panels from the opening, extract the old track, install the new replacement track, seal it and replace the rollers. We will also apply a waterproofing material in the corners and under the newly installed track.

No track replacement is complete without installing the protective stainless steel track cap mentioned above, to ensure your track is never damaged again. 

Broken patio door glass? Foggy Glass?

Slides Rite Sliding Door Repair is your best source for all of your residential glass replacement needs. We keep standard size glass in stock and can respond quickly.

When the header above the opening has settled down in the middle (header sag) and the doors are binding and not moving freely, there are two options. 1) a new door, or 2) a glass cut-down. Basically, we need to make the panels shorter. We will rebuild the panels with the new shorter glass, freeing up the panel to roll as it was intended. This is also a good time to change the rollers and install the protective sill cap.

We offer many types of sliding glass door handles and lock replacements, security bolts and various security options. We also offer aftermarket pulls that will allow you to slide your patio door with ease.

Expert Sliding Door Repair Services

At Slides Rite Sliding Door Repair, our dedicated team brings over 30 years of invaluable experience to deliver top-notch sliding door repair services. We understand the inconvenience a malfunctioning sliding door can cause, whether it’s sticking, misalignment, or issues with the tracks. Our skilled technicians utilize their expertise to diagnose and efficiently address any sliding door issues, ensuring smooth and effortless operation. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, guaranteeing lasting solutions to restore your sliding doors to optimal functionality.

Seamless Sliding Door Installation

Trust Slides Rite Sliding Door Repair for professional sliding door installation services that seamlessly blend precision and quality materials. Whether you’re upgrading to modern sliding doors or need a replacement, our team is committed to providing flawless installations tailored to your unique requirements. We specialize in ensuring proper alignment, smooth operation, and enhanced energy efficiency. From patio doors to interior sliding doors, our meticulous installation process ensures a perfect fit, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your space. Experience the difference of expert sliding door installation with Slides Rite.

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